MMT 2017 Call for Paper

The MMT2017 Conference Tracks including, but not limited to:

A. Navigation, Sensors and Positioning

Personal and Pedestrian Navigation, Satellite Positioning, Indoor/Outdoor Positioning, Under-water Industry, Smartphones for Positioning, Mapping and Navigation, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Inertial Sensors and Error Modeling, Sensor Integration, Precise GPS Navigation Systems

B. Mobile Mapping Applications

Mobile Mapping for Modern Cadastral Systems, Mobile Mapping for Local city council land and environmental managements, Mobile Mapping for Geographic Information System (GIS), Mobile Mapping for Building-Information Models (BIMs), 3D Mobile Mapping and GIS Integration, LIDAR and SAR Mapping Systems, Infrastructure Engineering, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Autonomous Driving; Mining Operations, Rapid Disaster Relief and Monitoring Applications, Subsurface Utility Mapping; 3D Landscape and City Modeling, Reality-Based 3D maps, Location-Based Services (LBS), Data Fusion of multi-platform Mobile Mapping Technology.

C. Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Systems

UAV/UAS Photogrammetric Mapping, Remote Sensing and Spectral Imaging, Image Sequence Analysis, Automatics Feature Extraction, Data fusion of land and airborne imagery, Data fusion of TLS and LiDAR, Image Coding & Processing

D. Smart Collaborative Platforms and Logistics

Design, Modeling and Simultaneous Collaborative Applications, Smart Business, AI and Decision Support Systems, Surveillance, Defence and Industrial Applications, Real-Time Information Sharing and Interaction, Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors for smart cities

E. Big Data and Risk Management

Big Data Analytics for Egypt E-government, Locations sensors for Security applications, Location Systems for Public Safety & Emergency Response, UAV for Environment & disaster monitoring applications, Business Analytics & Location Intelligence, Rapid Disaster Relief, Monitoring Applications with Mobile Mapping, Large Datasets: Management, Query and Transmission.

Selected papers will be published in one the special issues of the Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensingreputable journals.