Conference Program

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Saturday, May 6,2017
8:30 - 9:30 Registration Pre-function Area
9:30 - 11:00 Opening Session and Welcome Address Main Hall
11:00 - 12:00 Coffee Break and Opening the Exhibition Pre-function Area
12:00 - 14:00 Keynote Session 1 Main Hall
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch TBC
15:00 - 17:00 Industry Session Main Hall
18:30 – 21:30 Dinner & Show (For purchased tickets only) TBC
Sunday, May 7,2017
9:00 - 10:30 Keynote Session 2 Main Hall
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break Pre-function Area
11:00 - 12:30 Parallel Technical Sessions A1 B1 C1
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch TBC
13:30 - 15:00 Parallel Technical Sessions A2 B2 C2
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break Pre-function Area
15:30 - 17:00 Parallel Technical Sessions A3 B3 C3
19:00 - 21:30 Gala Dinner and Appreciation Certificates B&C
Monday, May 8, 2017
9:00 - 10:30 Parallel Technical Sessions A4 B4 C4
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break Pre-function Area
11:00 - 12:30 Parallel Technical Sessions B5 C5
12:30 - 13:30 Parallel Technical Sessions B6 C6
13:30 - 14:00 Closing Ceremony Main Hall
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch TBC


Saturday, May 6, 2017
12:00 PM – 14:00 PM
Professor. Christian Heipke, President ISPRS Geospatial Information: State of the Art and Future Trends
Professor Deren Li,Wuhan University From Mobile Mapping Systems to Intelligent Mapping Robots
Professor Chryssy APotsiou, President FIG The Role of Surveying and of Surveyors in Sustainable Development
Professor Qingquan Li,President of Shenzhen University Comprehensive Road Detection Technology in China 
15:00 PM – 17:00 PM
Mr. Bryan Townsend, GNSS Architecture and Technology Team Lead, Intel Mobile Communications, USA GNSS Technology and the Expanding Consumer Market
Dr. Mohamed Elhabiby, PEng, MBA, Executive Vice PresidentMicro Engineering Tech Inc., Canada GEOVIXEL: The Future of Mobile Mapping for XD Digital Infrastructure
Mr. Kai SUN, Director of Leador R&D Center
Leador Spatial Information Technology Co., Ltd., China
A laser-SLAM Algorithm for Indoor Mobile Mapping
Ms. Rao lingling, Assistant of General manager
ZOYON, China
ZOYON Products and Applications for Road Assets 
Sunday, May 7, 2017
9:00 AM – 10:30AM
Mr. Talal Hanna, Topcon Positioning Middle East and Africa FZE (TPMA) Middle East and Africa Use of Mobile Mapping in Different Applications
Prof. Dr. Ing. Muhamad Alrajhi,
ISPRS Regional Coordinator for the Arab StatesAssistant Deputy Minister For Land & SurveyingMinistry of Municipal & Rural Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Spatial Land Data Infrastructure for Sustainable Development
Professor Abdullah Alkadi,Vice President Vice President for Development, Studies and Community Services -        Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Utilizing Mobile Mapping in Navigating Historical Locations:  Hijrah Route as a Case Study
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Session (A1) - Hall (A) Session (B1) - Hall (B) Session (C1) - Hall (C)
“Alternative Sensor and Data Integration Algorithms” “Direct Geo-referencing and Sensor Calibration” “Digital imaging, Feature Extraction and Remote Sensing”
Chair Chair Chair
Prof. Charles Toth,Ohio State University, USA
Prof. Mohamed Hassan,AASTMT, Egypt
Prof. Ayman Habib,
Purdue University, USA
Prof. Mohamed Zahran
Banha University, Egypt
Prof. Cheng Wang, Xiamen University, China
Dr Saleh Mesbah, AASTMT, Egypt
P4: Relative Orientation and Essential Matrix of Spherical Panorama Images
Yi-Hsing Tseng and Tsung-Che Huang
P25: Preliminary Study of a Time Dependent Model for Exterior Orientation of Hyperspectral Image Cubes
AdilsonBerveglieri and Antonio Tommaselli
P54: Extraction of Façade Elements Based on Wavelet Analysis Using Point Clouds
Fuxun Liang, Bisheng Yang and Zhen Dong
P56: Automatic Registration of Panoramic Sequence and Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds via Similarity Measurements
Jianping Li, Xianghong Zou, Bisheng Yang and Ronggang Huang
P36: Comparison of Airborne Lidar System Calibration Algorithms
Megan Miller and Ayman Habib
P46: Framework Feature Extraction of Building Interiors Using Indoor Mobile Mapping Systems
ShiweiHou, Chenglu Wen, Zheng Gong, Cheng Wang And Jonathan Li
P29: An Improved model for Multi-Constellations GNSS Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning
Mahmoud AbdRabbou and Adel El-Shazly
P85: Low-Cost Magnetometers Calibration using Proportional Integrator Technique for mobile devices
Abdelrahman Ali, Salwa Ahmed, NaifAlsubaie and Naser El-Sheimy
P35: Mapping and Analysis of Terrain Geomorphology Using Simulated Airborne LiDAR Data Capture of Low Point Cloud Densities
Fahmy Asal
P53: An IMU/LiDAR/PCG-Map Integrated 2D Positioning method for 3D Indoor Mobile Mapping
Jian Tang, Chuang Qian, XiaojiNiu and Rong Zou
P73: Comparative Analysis of Potential Calibration Alternatives for a Multi-Unit LiDAR System
Yun-Jou Lin, Darcy Bullock, Ayman Habib, Radhika Ravi, Tamer Shamseldin and Magdy Elbahnasawy
P48: Combined Pixel/Object Based Building Extraction Technique from High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Images
Mahmoud A. Shawky, Ahmed S. Elsharkawy, Essam Hamza and Hassan Elhifnawy
P59: Novel Highly Isolated Triplexer Antenna to Integrate Aviation and Radio Navigation Satellite Services Including GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidow And Sar With Different Communications Applications
Mohamed Oweis, WaelSwelam and Mohamed Abd El Azeem
12:30PM – 14:00 PM
Session (A2) - Hall (A) Session (B2)- Hall (B) Session (C2) - Hall (C)
“Mobile Mapping Technology and Applications” “LiDAR Data Processing” “Positioning and Orientation Systems I”
Chair Chair Chair
Prof. Chenglu (Shirley) Wen,
Xiamen University, China
Prof. Ahmed Shaker, Ryerson University, Canada
ProfAmr Ali, AASTMT, Egypt
Prof. Ahmed El-Rabbany, Ryerson University, Canada
Prof. Mohamed Abdelazeem, Aswan University, Egypt
P64: Feasibility Study of a Backpack Mobile Terrestrial System with A Low Cost Omnidirectional Camera
Mariana Campos, Antonio Tommaselli and EijaHonkavaara
P39: Segmentation-based Classification of Point Cloud Data
Yun-Jou Lin and Ayman Habib
P80: Integration of Multi-Constellation GNSS Precise Point Positioning and MEMS Based Inertial System For Precise Applications
Mahmoud AbdRabbou and Ahmed El-Rabbany
P70: A Low-cost Boat-Based Mobile Mapping System For Mapping Coastal Regions
Abdullah Arslan and Ayman Habib
P5: Statistical Analysis of LiDAR Data for Land Cover Classification
Nagwa El-Ashmawy and Ahmed Shaker
P37: On the Development of A Regional Ionospheric Correction Model For Low-Cost Single Frequency GNSS Users
Mohamed Abdelazeem, RahmiNurhanÇelik and Ahmed El-Rabbany
P47: A Backpack Mobile Mapping System Based on Velodyne LIDAR
Zheng Gong, Jonathan Li, Cheng Wang and Chenglu Wen
P60: Evaluation of Distinctive Features for Land/Water Classification from Multispectral Airborne LiDAR Data at Lake Ontario
Salem Morsy, Ahmed Shaker and Ahmed El-Rabbany
P44: Monitoring Ionospheric Perturbations over Egypt Based on National GNSS Network
Mahmoud AbdRabbou and Adel El-Shazly
P76: Prediction Of Inertial Positioning Errors Based On Gaussian Process For UAVs In GNSS Denied Environment
Mostafa Mostafa, Adel Moussa, Naser El-Sheimy and Abu B Sesay
P43: Alternative Approaches for Feature-based Down-Sampling of Irregular Point Clouds for Fine Registration
Fangning He, Ayman Habib and Yun-Jou Lin
P77: A novel adaptive Kalman filter for MEMS-IMU/Magnetometer fusion
Qifan Zhou, MaanKhedr, Hai Zhang and Naser El-Sheimy
        P33: Performance Analysis of Real Time Precise Point Positioning in Egypt
Ahmed Mansour, Mahmoud AbdRabbou and Adel El-Shazly
        15:00PM – 16:30 PM
Session (A3) - Hall (A) Session (B3)- Hall (B) Session (C3) - Hall (C)
“Smart Collaborative Platforms” “Vision Aided Localization” “UAV/UGV Systems and Data Processing”
Chair Chair Chair
Prof. Jonathan Li,
Xiamen University, China
Dr. Andrea Masiero,
Padova University, Italy
Prof. Moustafa Baraka,
The German University in Cairo, Egypt
Prof. Alison Kealy, Melbourne University, Australia
Prof. Khalid Shehata, AASTMT, Egypt
P62: Low-cost UAV Imagery System for Site-Specific Weed Management
Mohamed Hassanein and Naser El-Sheimy
P6: Rapid Initialization with Image Based Indoor Localization Based on Artificial Neural Network Using Smartphones
Shih-Huan Huang, Jhen-Kai Liao and Kai-Wei Chiang
P40: A Structure-from-Motion Approach Using UAV-based Imagery for Precision Agriculture Applications
Fangning He, WeifengXiong and Ayman Habib
P21: A New Platform for Activity Tracking in Smart Health Sensor Monitoring Systems
AllaaHussien and Sherin Youssef, Cherin Fathy
P18: Road Test Results and Analysis on Integrating Visual Odometry with Car Motion Sensors for Positioning and Navigation
Muhammed Tahsin Rahman, TashfeenKaramat, Sidney Givigi and AboelmagdNoureldin
P12: The Performance Analysis of Lidar-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Disaster Reduction Mapping Applications
Guang-Je Tsai, Min-Chuan Tsai, Kai-Wei Chiang and Naser El-Sheimy
P68: FPGA for Intelligent Control Systems: Smart Agent for Elderly People Support
Nahla El-Araby, Sahar Hamed, Abdelhalim Mohamed, Islam Gamal and Mostafa Nageeb
P15: A Low-Cost Image Based Mobile System Using Slam
Ahmed Youssef and Moustafa Baraka
P26: A cooperative localization system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Prototype development and analysis
SalilGoel, Allison Kealy, Bharat Lohani and Guenther Retscher
P63: Remote Healthcare Monitoring System Through Mobile Application
Alaa El-Shazli, Nancy El-Gamil and Sherin Youssef
P66: Visual Surveillance Systems for Tracking Multiple Moving Objects
Essam Mohamed, Sheren Youssef and Hany Hanafy
P75: Corner Features Aided Indoor SLAM for Unmanned Vehicles
Haytham Mohamed, Adel Moussa, Mohamed Elhabiby, Naser El-Sheimy and Abu-BakarrSesay
P83: Localization using Region-based Convolution Neural Network: A Comparison Study
Charles Toth, Zoltan Koppanyi, Haowei Xu and DorotaGrejner-Brzezinska
P9: A Dual-Channel CAM Shift Algorithm for Embedded Real-time Visual Servoing Applications
Islam Alaa, Amr Wassal, Omar Rayan, Osama Rashad and Amr Eldieb
Monday, May 8, 2017
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Session (A4) - Hall (A) Session (B4) - Hall (B) Session (C4) - Hall (C)
“Structure/Infra-structure Health Monitoring” “Personal and Pedestrian Navigation” “Mapping and Applications”
Chair Chair Chair
Prof. Michael Chapman, Ryerson University, Canada
Prof. Adel Belal, AASTMT, Egypt
Prof. Kai-Wei Chiang,
NCKU, Taiwan
Prof. Amr Hanafi Ahmed Ali
Banha University, Egypt
Prof. Charles Toth,
Ohio State University, USA
Prof. Adel El-Shazly
Cairo University, Egypt
P79: Pavement Deflection Assessment Using Doppler Lasers on A Mobile Platform
Michael Chapman, Cao Min and Deijin Zhang
P3: The Performance Analysis of Using Smartphone and Geo-Referenced Image for SpaceResection Aided Pedestrian Dead Reckoning
Jhen-Kai Liao, Shih-Huan Huang, Kai-Wei Chiang and Chien-Hsun Chu
P31: Accuracy Assessment of Different Algorithms Used for Derived Bathymetry from the Multispectral Band Landsat 8 Satellite Images Applied for El-Dekhila Port and Soma Bay, Egypt.
Esalm Saleh, Adel El-Shazly, Mohamed El-Ghazaly and Kamal Ahmed
P82: Vision Based Techniques for Building Facade Monitoring
Andrea Masiero, Francesca Fissore, Francesco Pirotti and Antonio Vettore
P16: Low-Cost GNSS/MEMS Sensors integrated Vision System for Motion and Position Estimation of a bicycle
Hsiu-Wen Chang
P84: Swarm Mapping: Investigation on Strategies to Explore Building Interiors
Zoltan Koppanyi, Charles Toth and Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska
P89: Modern tramway track geometric quality inspection by aided INS
Qijin Chen and XiaojiNiu
P65: GNSS/INS integrated with intelligent vision system for path reconstruction of a bicycle.
Tz-Chiau Su and Hsiu-Wen Chang  
P51: Change Detection Analysis of Urban Land Cover Changes Using SPOT5 of Arar City, Saudi Arabia
Saleh Mesbah Elkaffas, Khaled Mahar and Sultan Alenezi
P19: Low cost structures oscillation monitoring using terrestrial photogrammetry
Omar El Kadi and Adel Hassan Youssef El-Shazly El Shazly
P61: A Novel Approach for Step Detection Using A Free-Moving Handheld Device
MaanKhedr and Naser Elsheimy
P86: Remote Sensing Images Self Recovery Authentication Watermarking Technique
Salwa Ahmed, Abdelrahman Ali and Naser El-Sheimy
        P71: Positioning Accuracy Improvement Using Low-Cost Inertial Sensors
Abdalla El-Desoky, Ahmed Kamel, Mohamed Elhabiby and HadiaElhennawy.
11:00 AM – 12:30 AM
  Session (B5) - Hall (B) Session (C5) - Hall (C)
  “Hand-held Mobile Applications” “Indoor Mapping and Localization”
  Chair Chair
  Prof. Antonio Vettore,
Padova University, Italy
Prof. Yi-Hsing Tseng
NCKU, Taiwan
Prof. AboelmagdNoureldin,
Queens University, Canada
Prof. Ming Wang
NCKU, Taiwan
    P57: iNavSet:A benchmark of indoor navigation using smartphones
Liu Kun, Pei Ling, Deng Zhantao, Qian Jiuchao, Liu Peilin and Yu Wenxian
P13: The Generation of Well-Georeferenced Floor Plans for Indoor Navigation With Inertial Sensors Aided SLAM Algorithms
Min Chuan Tsai, Guang Je Tsai, You Liang Chen, Kai Wei Chiang and Naser El-Sheimy
    P24: Mobile-based Remotely Vehicle Tracking System
Essam Mohamed and Sherin Youssef
P41: Indoor surveying with low cost UWB devices
Andrea Masiero, Francesca Fissore, Alberto Guarnieri and Antonio Vettore
    P90: Comparative Analysis of Wheat Area Estimation using Landsat and Sentinal-2 Satellite Imagery
Abdelraouf Massoud Ali, Ayman Fawzy Habib, Mohamed A. Aboelghar and Mohammed Elshirbeny
P20: 3d Reconstruction With 2d Tilting Lidar Using Vision Only Positioning Method
Cyril Joly, Bruno Ricaud and Arnaud de La Fortelle
    P72: Filter Architectures for Indoor Localization Using Gaussian Process on Smartphones
Mostafa Sakr and Naser El-Sheimy
P49: Cooperative Localization in Indoor Environments Using Constrained Differential Wi-Fi and UWB Measurements
Guenther Retscher, Allison Kealy, Vassilis Gikas, Hannes Hofer, Andreas Ettlinger and Franz Obex
    P55: Dynamic Variation effects on the Stochastic Performance of Smartphone Sensors Using Allan Variance and Generalized Method of Wavelet Moments
Ahmed Radi, You Li, Naser El-Sheimy and Abu Sesay
P45: Comparative Analysis of Image and LiDAR-Based Elevation Maps from a UAV Platform for Agriculture Management
Fangning He, MagdyElbahnasawy, Tamer Shamseldin, WeifengXiong and Ayman Habib
12:30PM – 13:30 AM
  Session (B6) - Hall (B) Session (C6) - Hall (C)
  “Positioning and Orientation Systems II” “Cloud Computing and Networking”
  Chair Chair
  Prof. XiaojiNiu,
Wuhan University, China
Prof. Mohamed Zahran
Banha University, Egypt
Prof. Steve Liang, University of Calgary, Canada, Prof. Mohamed Khedr, AASTMT, Egypt
    P32: Separability Analysis for Multiple Simultaneous Faults in GNSS and GNSS/INS Integration Systems
Ali Almagbile and Jinling Wang
P91: Random Linear Network Coding Over Cloud Computing Network In Data Transmission
Omaima Farouk Younis, Rowayda Sadek and Hadya El Hennawy
    P38: The benefit of using high-rate GNSS in precise kinematic positioning
Ming Yang, Feng-Yu Chu and Shu-Chen Cheng
P74: An OGC Standard-based Internet of Things Prototype for Vegetation Recovery Monitoring in Northern Alberta
Steve Liang, Sara Saeedi, James Badger and Luo Kan
    P10: Performance Analysis of Indoor Positioning using Differential Distance Correction based on Bluetooth Low Energy
Yun-Tzu Kuo, Jhen-Kai Liao and Kai-Wei Chiang
P58: Three Levels Security Model For Secure Cloud Storage
Sheren Elbooz, Gamal Attiya and NawalElFishawy
    P17: Accelerating the convergence period of GPS/GLONASS precise point positioning using pseudorange multipath and noise mitigation
Mohammed AbouGalala, Mosbeh Rashid Kaloop, Mostafa MousaRabah and Zaki Mohammed Zidan
P67: Developing a New Technique for Detecting Two Critical-Nodes in Adhoc Networks
Ibrahim Fayed, Mokhtar Ahmed, Gamal Attiya and Nawal El-Fishawy
    P23: Tuning of the Error Covariance Parameters in EKF-Based INS/GPS Systems: A Practical Approach
Mostafa Mahmoud, Islam Alaa, Amr Wassal, AboelmagdNoureldin and Amr Eldieb
P92: Multimedia Cloud Computing Based Network Coding.
Omaima Farouk Younis, Rowayda Sadek and Hadya El Hennawy