Sunday, 16th May, 2021

Dean’s Word

Dean''s Word Graduation

Rapid change in the world management systems demands a focus on the future to empower and improve organizations and industry practitioners. The Productivity and Quality Institute (PQI) goal is to enhance the capabilities of managers and leaders to address challenges and to ensure that organizations have the strategic drive to succeed.

In our institute, we offer opportunities for both students and organizations. The postgraduate studies open various prospective for enhancing the educational career of students who join our Diploma or Master degrees. The programs designed to address the market needs and the future prospects of prosperous job opportunities.

With the help of our strategic alliances, we provide different national and international training programs that gives the trainee''s tools and awareness to ensure global progress in all related fields. As for our consultation services we try to help organizations and industries to consolidate the structure of their field. Through methods and tools for achieving quality, we help our partners to establish and maintain standards of excellence.

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