About Us

Technical and Vocational Institute (TVI) provides education and training through advanced applied educational programs to fulfil industry demands. These programs are accredited by Person BTEC. By the end of these programs the student gets High National Diploma (HND) accredited in 110 countries around the world, in addition to a High Technical Diploma from AASTMT accredited by the Egyptian ministry of High Education which paves the way for the student to join the faculty of Engineering in Egypt or any other country around the world.

TVI offers different educational programs such as: Mechanics International Diploma , Mechatronics International Diploma, Electronics International Diploma and Marine Hospitality Diploma. We are currently working on the procedures of accrediting a nursing program and Medical Engineering program.

We help our students to do their graduation projects with their own efforts, which helps them to start and run their own small projects in their future. We create a healthy social and sportive atmosphere for our students. Each semester we organize a visit to an international factory and a sports day. Students of TVI also benefit from the medical insurance provided by AASTMT to its students.

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