Monday, 02nd August, 2021

Master in Logistics of Foreign Trade (Foreign Trade Logistics Branch)

Semester 1    Semester 2    Semester 3    Semester 4   

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
LIT911 International Logistics
LIT912 Economy Theory
LIT913 Sea Transport Management
LIT944 Theory and Systems of International Trade

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
LIT 914 Customs Legislation and Customs Clearance
LIT843 Research Methodology
LIT921 Air and Inland Transport Management
LIT941 Export and Import Operational Management

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
JDL421 Enforce of Courts Rulings and Arbitration Awards
LIT902 Project 1
LIT922 International Marketing
LIT924 Supply Chain Management
LIT942 Commercial Law and Arbitration

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
LIT 834 Contemporary Customs Issues
LIT 903 Project 2
LIT832 Customs Strategic Planning
LIT833 Private Customs Systems