Saturday, 23rd January, 2021

About Postgraduate Studies

Master of Quality Management (MQM)


The Productivity and Quality Institute (PQI) offers postgraduate studies leading to a Diploma degree and a Master degree in the field of "Quality Management".
In addition to the field of quality management, PQI also provides postgraduate diplomas degrees in other specialized fields including – but not limited to – healthcare, food safety, and occupational health and safety. These programs intend to equip graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge in their work field.

Postgraduate courses provide graduates with the opportunity to progress from the structured work of undergraduate study to a more specialized and challenging educational experience. The attainment of a useful postgraduate or post-experience qualification enhances career prospects and provides the opportunity to play a key role in the rapidly evolving employment market.

The curriculum, teaching methods, and class meeting formats are customer driven and designed to use the experience and case studies gained from the consultancy and training fields to meet the evolving employment markets. Different postgraduate programs are designed to provide graduates with expanded analytical skills and the ability to integrate those skills to address technical and managerial dimensions in each specific program field. Graduates of these degrees expected to be competent in quality management and organizational excellence issues in their organizations at both strategic and operational levels.

The PQI offers the following postgraduate program:

Master of Quality Management (MQM)
  • General Quality Management Track.
  • Healthcare Quality Management Track.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Track.
  • Food Safety Management Track.
Postgraduate Diploma
  • Diploma in Quality Management.
  • Diploma in Healthcare Quality Management.
  • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • Diploma in Food Safety Management.