Sunday, 16th December, 2018

Rules and Regulations

Admission Process

PQI admission process seeks to applicants whose applications document an outstanding ability, preparation, and potential for successful completion of graduate study. Applicants must submit the following documentations to PQI Admission Department:

  1. Original certificates: Accreditation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities is required.
  2. Official Transcripts.
  3. Copy of national ID or passport.
  4. 2 personal photos.
  5. Resume: A copy of a one-to two- page professional resume.
  6. Completed Application Form.
  7. Clearance Form.
  8. Financial Plan (if sponsored).
  9. For Non-Egyptians: an approval letter from the applicant's embassy for enrolment in the program.

As part of the admission process, applicants must attend an oral interview with two academic members of staff. The duration of the interview is 15 minutes. The interview aims to acknowledge applicants’ oral and written skills prior to their registration. In case the applicant fails the interview, s/he is not accepted into the PQI graduate program.