Student Activities

Sports Activities

- Holding a Sports Day for every department throughout the semester.

- Holding regular tournaments for some sports between different departments on an agreed upon day weekly.

- Participation of the college sports teams in tournaments involving other colleges. Social Activities- Visiting Egyptian museums and attend cultural performances.

- Holding regular fund-raising events or collection of donations for orphans and the poor.

 - Arrangement of visits to orphanages and hospitals for handicapped patients and giving them gifts on special occasions.

- Invitation of orphans and handicapped patients for a visit to the Academy and organizing entertaining activities for them on special occasions.

Art and Trips

- Organization of educational seminars under the supervision of the Student Affairs.

- Presentation of a program of trips for various departments including educational and scientific field trips.

- Organizing educational competitions between different departments.

- Organizing art and talent competitions (music and singing) and awarding prizes.

- Holding exhibitions for paintings and various art works and pieces.

- Organizing an annual arts festival as a social event.


Scientific Activities .

Forming various scientific committees by students:

 - Committee of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

- Committee of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

- Committee of Architectural and Construction Engineering.

  • Organization of various seminars in different fields throughout the academic year
  • Having an exhibition at the end of every semester displaying all students graduation projects and inviting some companies to attend Organization of extra-curricular workshops in various fields after school hours for all students.
  • Organization of extra and revision lectures at the end of every semester held by professors and teacher assistants.