Academic Standards of Work

A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00/4.00 during his/her study at the College of Engineering and Technology in order to graduate.  No unresolved ( I ) grades may be part of the program of study.  At the beginning of the final semester the student should review the program of study as necessary and obtain approval to ensure that all graduation requirements are met.

The supervisor(s) and members of the examination committee will help the candidate meet the tangible requirements of an advanced degree and the intangible basics of conducting and communicating the results of original research in the area of specialty. A student has up to 5 years from the date of admission to complete all requirements of the degree. The supervisor(s) of the thesis may request an extension if progress of the student is satisfactory. The final step of the graduate Master program is to submit a thesis. There is more to the thesis than satisfying the Academy’s procedural requirements.


Graduate candidates at the College of Engineering and Technology are expected to maintain generally accepted standards of academic honesty and professional integrity.  Failure to do so will lead to dismissal from the College.