Advanced Marketing Final Projects 2013

Advision higlights the Differential Effects of Advertising Appeals on Consumers' Attitude Towards the Ad and Brand.
Advision Project

El Masriyeen

It discusses the political marketing concept with special emphasis on the political marketing in Egypt.
El Masriyeen Project


"Fashion is passion", its about the generational buying motivations for fashion.
Fashionista Project

Guerilla Marketing

"Creative NOT a big marketing budget unexpected and unconventional interactive".
Guerilla Marketing Project


The Effects of place Marketing efforts on place Idenetity and Place Image of Marsa Alam.
Invaders Project

Road Runners

It is about the effect of Country-of-Origin on Consumers' Purchasing Intentions for automobiles in Egypt.
Road Runners Project


Tweens not Kids not Teenagers The "in-between" Age.
Tweenies Project

Compulsive Buying

Anti. Buying. Addiction
"Over Shop and How to Stop".
Compulsive Buying Project

Gender Effect in Advertising

How males and females and their relationships are steretypically portrayed in advertisements.
Gender Effect in Advertising Project

The Good Fellows

"Save the poor in Egypt Do NOT Hesitate To Donate".
The Good Fellows Project

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