Head of Department Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Business Information Systems Department (BIS). In my role as the department chairwoman, I am proud to introduce you to one of the College of Management & Technology’s departments that offers a four-year undergraduate degree program.

BIS currently offers two four-year undergraduate degree programs: Management Information Systems (MIS) and E-Commerce. While MIS, was established in 1992 as the first MIS department in Egypt, to reflect the fact that information technology is the backbone of businesses, E-Commerce, was established in 2005 in response to the impact of the Internet on business practices, and as the first and only E-Commerce program in Egypt.

As with the rapid change in the field and the strategy of continuous improvement, BIS programs have undergone a significant evolution to offer a new unified BIS program that allows students to choose a set of elective courses that provide advanced knowledge and hands-on skills in concentrations such as ERP, Web Development, Web Design, and E-Applications.

BIS is one of few departments that is a SAP University Alliance and a Microsoft partner. It offers:

  • Hands on latest and most popular computer skills coupled with a business administration background
  • International Programs and student exchange at well-known universities worldwide
  • Exposure to the work environment through local and international internship in the industry

BIS students

  • Are eligible to apply for ITIDA-ITAC program, University Student Graduation Projects fund
  • Are constantly offered opportunities to attend/participate in academic conferences such as ICCTA-IEEE, Techne Summit, ABRM and ICT in our Lives
  • Participate in annual project competitions such as those arranged by Techne Summit and Computer Scientific Society
  • Participate in field trips, seminars, and regular workshopsThe BIS program is well positioned to deliver graduates that fill a gap in the marketplace, where BIS has over 90% recruitment rate. Some graduates are entrepreneurs who started their own businesses such as Pointers, The 8 Peas, Savvy Arabia, and Spinzomedia LLC.

Prospective BIS graduates can be leaders as Web/System analysts, Web/System designers, Web/System developers, Mobile Application Developers, Social Media Specialists, ERP Specialists, and Database Analysts.

So if you do not hate technology, and you have a passion to succeed, then join the winning team at BIS.