Student Union

President''s Word

The Students’ Union is an entity that aims to represent the interests of the students and to be their voice. Our responsibility is to add value to the students and to increase the sense of their belonging to the college. We want every student to be able to make a difference, a difference that can be felt across the campus and even farther beyond that.

I believe that life is a journey that we should learn from it as much as we can and everything we experience in this life surely teaches us something,
So whatever we do, it’s worth the effort.
Believe that you can and Be The Change …

Sara Wahid Raafat

SUP 2013sara_fad1@hotmail.com

Check the union for everyday updates on facebook: AAST-CMT Student Union.

Student Union Members

  • Sara Wahid : President.
  • Mohamed Salah: Vice President.
  • Moemen El Masry: Administrative Secretary.
  • Ahmed Abd el Moniem : Treasurer.
  • Omar Hussien: Term 2 Representative.
  • Amr Soror: Term 3 Representative.
  • Jailan Mohamed: Term 4 Representative.
  • Sarah Yasser: Term 5 Representative.
  • Norhan Omar: Term 8 Representative.
  • Yosr Meanna: Public Service Committee.
    • Members: 1) Noha Ibrahim Shahin.
    • 2) Nour Mashaly.
    • 3) Yassmeena Mahmmoud.
  • Ahmed Gazar: Public Relations Committee.
  • Mohamed Al-Adawi: International Services Committee.