Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering (E.C.E) at the college of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport. .

The E.C.E came into existence, after the establishment..

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Market &
Career Opportunities

Quick survey of engineering job vacancies at the daily newspaper reveals that Electronics and Communications Engineering would collect almost 40% of the total engineering opportunities available. In fact Electronics and Communications Engineering department main objectives are to introduce a qualified engineer to serve in the field of:

  • Wireless Communications.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Analogue or D..

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Latest News

Understanding IBS

The session had covered the following:

1) IBS market overview:
Where has the market of IBS been over the years?

2) IBS system Architecture:
What are the internal design and ... 

Magnifying Industry


• We do believe that the improvement of our society can only be achieved through the improvement of those within it who are keen on self- actualization for the sake of those, we s ... 

IEEE Day 2019

IEEE Day is a celebration of the first day in history when engineers all around the world and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. And giving the student the chance to kn ...