Success does not come to you.....You go for it.

Marva Collins


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Career Opportunities

Industrial Engineering programs of study prepare graduates for careers in all phases of industrial, manufacturing and service firms. It qualifies them to perform different managerial and technical functions that require scientific and engineering background. By combining the study of science, mathematics, engineering fundamentals, design, management and quality principles, the programs provide a unique background and a sou..

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Dr. Khamis Essa

Dr. Khamis Essa visit on the 4th of April2017. ... 

Dr. Islam Shyha

Dr. Islam Shyha visit on the 27th of March 2017 ... 

Become Superhuman

How to become super human in mind, body and spirit. How to acheive your goals in life, health and wellbeing.

Speaker: Khaled Dewan.