Libraries of educational organizations play a major role in supporting educational activities and enriching the academic life of students and faculty members.

Since its inception in 1972, AASTMT saved no effort in supporting the educational process, and therefore a specialized library was established in order to make use of the information published in different media.  The library of AASTMT is considered one of the most sophisticated and specialized libraries in Egypt that serves AASTMT academic community and visiting scholars and researchers. The collection of AASTMT library comprises 20 text databases covering the main fields of interest of the users.

In order to offer a distinguished information service, AASTMT library established an integrated information system. This system enables the users to perform direct search through a computerized catalog, bibliographic databases on CD-ROM’s or through direct connection with the Internet.

AASTMT library also offers photocopying services, either locally or through subscription in the British Library Document Supply Center (BLDSC), in addition to other services like computerized charging and reservation.

The Library serves the academic community in all branches of the Academy. It consists of the Main Library, Architecture Library, Maritime Library, Management Library, Advanced Management Institute Library, Cairo Engineering Library, and Cairo Management Library.

The College of Engineering and Technology Library

The College of Engineering and Technology Library, or the central library, in Abu-Quir campus, consists of three floors, comprising a selected collection of books and references in both the engineering and maritime fields, serving the courses and research work which takes place at the College of Engineering and Technology. The Main Library comprises a selected collection of books and references in different engineering specializations, in addition to Periodicals, Dissertations, Projects, Online Databases, and Databases on CD-ROM.

The Main Library building consists of 3 floors. The building has undergone a development process that added to the pre-established facilities. The Library can host (300) users at the same time.

  • The first floor comprises the references, periodicals, projects and dissertations. It also comprises an Internet lab for users to retrieve information from the Internet, OPAC, and Online databases subscribed to by the Library. The lab can serve (10) users at the same time.
  • The second floor comprises English books in the fields of: Mechanical, Marine, Construction, and Industrial Engineering. A computer lab with (10) terminals is also available, in addition to a photocopy unit.
  • The third floor comprises English and Arabic books. English books are in the fields of: Computer, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering and Basic & Applied Science. It also comprises a silent area that can host (15) users at the same time, in addition to a photocopy unit.

Users can browse the Internet and the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of the Library. They can also scan and save or print images from books or periodicals available in the library

The Main Library comprises a selected collection of books and references in different engineering specializations. Its collection consists of (20000) titles, (80) Periodicals, (130) Online Journals, (362) Dissertations, and (413) Projects, In addition to Databases, electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries on CD-ROM. All dissertations are available in both hard copy form and on CD-ROM, which is considered the start of the digital library.

The Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Library

The Architectural Library is found on the ground floor of the Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design department building located within the College of Engineering and Technology in Abu-Quir campus.  It is one of AASTMT libraries and has proven itself in the architectural field lately. The Architectural Library serves the undergraduate students, faculty members, researchers and professionals in all fields of architecture.

It holds within its racks 1670 foreign books, 250 Arabic books, and 11 periodicals. The books, references and periodicals, whether in Arabic or foreign languages, are of the latest editions and cover a wide range of topics in the fields of the profession including urban planning, urban design, design data, landscape design, housing, interior design, architects and architectural firms. It also covers the fields of building construction, building materials, project management and building technologies, history of architecture, artistic works, architectural presentations, environmental studies, fine arts, architectural criticism, and the field of computer applications in architecture.

The library houses an electronic library of 12 personal computers, 8 of them may be used in surfing the Web (linked to the main campus net server) and as a digital book library. The other 4 PCs serve as a bibliographic database search, 2 of them for faculty and students and the other 2 for staff members.  The library also includes photocopying service provided by two fast photocopying machines and one magnetic-card-operated machine.