Training and Consultation Center

The Consultation and Training Unit is one of many units of the College of Engineering and Technology that serves the community. The unit is specialized in providing integrated consultancy as well as training services  satisfying the various needs and requirements of individuals, companies and organizations in all engineering fields.

The goals of this unit

  1. Serving the community and upgrading professional and technical cadre in all engineering fields by:
    • Designing specialized training programs
    • Adopting a continuous development philosophy
    • Providing state of the art courses and latest technologies in all engineering fields.
    • Choosing only the highly experienced and the best in their fields.
  2. Providing technical support to companies and organizations in all engineering fields.
  3. Building ties and exchanging scientific and technical expertise with industrial companies in the region.
  4. Providing onsite Training.
  5. Organizing seminars and conferences on different technological issues.

College Training Courses