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Graduation Projects

The students proceed to design the project of his choice. The program and location has been prepared in the previous semester. This comprehensive architectural project is the culmination of the student’s architectural education.  The student must presents new concepts and imaginative solutions based on real problems taking into consideration the environmental, social, cultural and structural systems. The project is presented in a series of drawings, perspectives, models, etc.

The course aims to:

  • Emphasize an understanding of the architect's role in creating a sustainable environment for the society locally, regionally and globally.
  • Emphasize an understanding of the complexities of design, urban and planning issues and problems, and the limitations that these impose upon effective design, urban and planning.
  • Assist the student to interact with the built and natural environments, interrelationships between land-uses and human activities in multi-dimensional space, including traffic and transport.
  • Provide graduates equipped to analyze and define design parameters and undertake a ed architectural design project comprehensively showing principles and methods employed in their ion, and management of design, landscape and planning.


Abstracts [First 2013-2014]

[1] Museum (Plants museum)

Submitted By

1.Abd El-Rahman Fadly El-kholy

2. Asmaa Nagah Abd El-Shakour

3. Ayman Saleh Hassan Ali

4. Fatma Salah Salama El-Asmar

5. Hadeer Tag El-Din Saad Shahawy

6. Mira Sherif Fakhry Boctor

7. Mohamed Abd El-Megid Tag El-din

8. Mohamed Ali Mohamed El-Sayed

9. Mohamed Said Ahmed El-khedr

10. Mostafa Abd El-Ghany Kadry Koudiar

11. Nelly Magdy Labeeb Youssef

Abstract Al-Azarita is considered a cultural node as it includes most of Alexandria’s heritage and main historical gardens in the area. Museums are centers of knowledge and the mission to offer an educational experience is the key objective in serving our visitors . Museum of Plants serves as a platform that takes visitors in a journey through the different civilizations that passed through Alexandria highlighting the different plants types.

Keywords: Museum, History of plants, Al-Shalalat.



[2] Al-Shalalat Arts and Crafts CenterSubmitted By

1. Mostafa Mohamed Said Feteha

2. Seif El-Din Shereen Mohamed Talaat


Arts and Crafts Center offers a variety of educational and cultural facilities. These programs range from lectures, workshops, and classes to exhibitions, musical performances and cultural exchanges all of which enable members of the community to gain deeper knowledge of historical as well as contemporary culture and arts information and skill building and development.

Keywords: Crafts, design, Arts,Vocational


[3] Research and Innovation Center

Submitted By

1. Ahmed Fathy Riyad Khalaf Alah

2. Amr Youssef Farid Samy

3. Mariam Ali Salem Khalfan Al-Dhaheri

4. Mohamed Mamdouh Abdulah Youssef

Research Innovation Centre inspires curiosity and support learning about science from early ages. This project will be an institution of service and a national bank of knowledge in the field of Botamical and Archeological for general public. It will organize innovative and educative exhibitions, and bring science closer to general public. In the area of knowledge-based societies a modern science centre can play a central role in the dissemination of scientific culture and the strengthening of research, not only for young generations, but also for adults. Science Centres offer rich resources for lifelong learning, providing meeting places for citizens and the research community, supporting schools, and contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of their communities.

Keywords Science Exhibition Innovation.


[4] Heritage and Culture Preservation Center

Submitted By

1. Abd El-Azim Mohamed Abd El-Azim

2. Abd El-Rahman Ahmed Ibrahim

3. Bahaa El-Din Mohamed Mansour

4. Shady Mostafa Naser Tayseer


The main aim of the project is to create future generations that not only preserve the cultural heritage but also evolve it. The building will engage the public in vibrant organization that promotes cultural preservation, education of crafts that are related to the area. seek to inspire the visitors to make personal and emotional connection to the place by providing workshops and other activities to be considered as live exhibition. The centre will become a national model for culture preservation and education where people enjoy and appreciate how it can affect the present and future.

Keywords: Cultural Center workshopsHeritage,preservation.


[5] Hotel/ Students Accommodation

Submitted By

1. Amr Ahmady Abd El-Rahman Ahmed

2. Amr Magdy Abd El-Hamid Moussa

3. Hatem Mohamed Ali Ahmed El-Gammal

4. Sara Tarek Ahmed Hafez

5. Tamer Hamdy Saleh Hassan Madkour


The revival of Al-Shalalat as an important touristic node with great value requires qualified Hotels and Students Accommodation with high standard of architectural design and entertainment facilities .this in return will bring more tourists, Egyptian and Foreigners to enjoy the great weather and moderate climate.

Keywords: Hospitality, Hotels, architectural Design, Adaptive reuse.


[6] Youth Sports centre

Submitted By

1. Amr Abd El-Salam Mohamed El-Shazly


Sports halls must provide an environment that people enjoy, while at the same time meeting the functional needs of users. Sports halls availability increases country's ability to host more international competitions.

Keywords: Art Center,folks,traditions


[7] Bank Headquarter

Submitted By

1. Hisham Ayman Sallam


Al-Azarita is an active place, which is vital with commercial and touristic items, it needs a building to support and encourage the district needs. This Bank headquarter aim is to create a service zone. The objectives of the projects are also to create a comfort work space using passive techniques through natural ventilation and good use of natural day light.

Keywords: Office building Stock exchange Adaptive Reuse.


[8] Clinics Center

Submitted By

2. Ali Abd El-Fatah El-Sayed Ali Belal

3. Khalid Ahmed Ali Kotb Neamatallah

4. Marwa Mohamed Mohamed Radwan

5. Mostafa Ahmed Nazeer Abd El-Malaak


Al-Azarita is an active place, which is vital with a population congestion, it needs a clinics center to support and encourage the district needs.

Keywords: Clinics Center


[9] Theater

Submitted By

1. Hassan Salman Ayoub

2. Mahmoud Ramadan Saad El-Din Shaban

Keywords: Theater Adaptive Reuse.


[10] EL-Azarita Cultural Center

Submitted By

1. Ahmed Ayman Zaki El-Hakim

2. Ahmed Mamdouh boughdady

3. Ahmed mohamed elsayed

4. Amr Samy Mohamed Ahmed

5. Anwar Hamdy Mohamed Warshan

6. Haytham Ahmed Hassan Sakr

7. Hesham Mohamed Kamal Ahmed

8. Hossam Ayman Mohamed Sallam

9. Mohamed Osama El-Sayed Hassan

10. Mohamed Salah Salah El-Shahawy

11. Mostafa Nour El-Din Mostafa Ali

12. Noha Mostafa Abd El-Gany


Cultural Center will be a space for cultural and artistic production , for exchange and interaction between largest number of Alexandrians and especially the youth . It will be an independent space with the aim to contribute to social communication and cultural expansion and to promote creativity in different fields of art and culture.

Therefore, the Center will attract a large number of Egyptian everyday of the year . Its public should be diverse and go beyond the few people that attend theatre halls, exhibitions or other cultural centers spread in Alexandria and the country . The aim is to use cultural aspects to build community. To achieve this goal , the Center will be a free space of artistic expression with no boundaries . Its functions, multiple but equilibrated spaces, it will be open to all kinds of art, including those that encourage interactivity between artistic and their public, conferences, workshops, free initiatives, etc.

Keywords: Cultural center, Art & Crafts, Azarita, Alexandria